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SCS Metals Limited

December 1, 2019 SCS Metals Limited became the new owner of FAR Inc.. FAR Inc. was formerly known as Fergus Auto Recyclers – which started in 1991.

Originally Fergus Auto Recyclers was strictly a used auto parts yard. In 2008, we first opened the doors to our new metal purchasing yard, which really fueled our passion for recycling!

We fought for years to erase the dodgy stigma that surrounded the automotive and metal recycling industry. Determined to create at facility that not also looked clean and organized but to create an industry leader in environmentally friendly processes, we worked hard to create the business that we are today.

Car Parts Sales

Yes, we’re back! After a hiatus of several years, SCS Metals Limited is back selling car parts. Used tires, rims, body parts… Contact us and ask about our stock.

Sorry we don’t take electronic cars, and won’t sell parts for them.

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