Donate Your Metal – Support The Groves Hospital Foundation

Do you want to support your local community of Centre Wellington and Wellington County? And help protect the environment?

At SCS Metals Limited you can donate your cars or scrap metal, and we will send the value of that scrap metal to the Groves Memorial Community Hospital Foundation in Fergus (website). They put the money to great use purchasing new and updating existing equipment. At the donor’s request, and if the value is high enough, the Foundation will issue a tax receipt for the value of the goods and mail it to the donor.

The campaign is called “Your Metal Matters”.

Your Donations Support Our Hospital

It has been amazing to see how generous the residents of this area have been and SCS Metals Limited is more than happy to keep doing our part with this campaign.

Is it worth it?

Of course! An unwanted vehicle can be worth several hundred dollars in scrap value. You can donate all or any portion of the funds.

Not only is this a great way of supporting your community, it also helps to protect the environment. We make sure that:

  • all fluids are drained and properly disposed off
  • different materials of the vehicle are separated for easy recycling

For further information about “Your Metal Matters”, please contact SCS Metals Limited at (519) 843-2948.

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