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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should we recycle?

To take care of our planet!

There is a growing sense that more needs to be done to protect the environment and our children’s future on our planet. One of the easiest way people personally can make a difference is taking control over what they buy and how they dispose of their garbage. Recycling and (preferably) reusing is ultimately the only way to conserve earth’s limited resources and many small efforts can add up to having a big impact.


Is it worth it to bring my scrap to the scrap yard rather than to the dump?

Yes! Instead of paying the dump to take your steel and appliances, get paid for them at SCS Metals Limited!

What steel can I scrap?

At SCS Metals Limited you can scrap any type of metal! If a magnet sticks to it, its ferrous metal, (most likely tin shred) if not, it’s a non-ferrous metal. SCS Metals Limited will pay you to recycle both!

What is the difference between #1 and #2 copper?

#1 Copper is the cleanest form of copper that you will get paid for. It only consists of copper pipes without paint, soldering, yellow brass taps, or any other form of contamination.

#2 Copper is also a high paying product but is a little less than #1 copper because more contamination is allowed. #2 copper can be bought in any shape (not just pipe) and may have soldering on it, but still may not have brass taps on it.

Can I scrap appliances?

Yes! SCS Metals Limited will pay you for most of you appliances because they contain steel. Fridges are a $30.00 fee because of the coolant and refrigerants that they contain.

Do plastic car parts go in the scrap?

No, if it’s plastic it must go to the dump and not the scrap yard. The only exception to that rule is when you sell a whole vehicle with its original plastic parts.

Do I have to drain my scrap car?

No! SCS Metals Limited has top of the line drainage equipment to drain all incoming vehicles, to meet the new ministry of environment standards.

Do I have to drain my scrap lawn mower?

Yes, we do ask that you drain your scrap lawn mower in order to prevent oil spills. Or we will drain them for you with a small fee.

How is scrap bought?

Most scrap is bought by the pound.

What do I do with my old car tires?

SCS Metals can dispose of your unwanted tires for a small fee. Please contact us for more information.

Can I keep my tires if I scrap my car?

Yes! As a matter of fact at SCS Metals Limited we will even take them off when you scrap your vehicle!

Will SCS Metals Limited pick up my scrap vehicle?

Of Course! A tow fee will be applied to the purchase of the vehicle, but arrangements can be made based on the distance the vehicle is from SCS Metals Limited. Give us a call to figure out a price!

Does SCS Metals Limited pick up scrap metal?

Yes we do! Give us a call to book something!

How do I sort my scrap load?

We recommend that you sort your load by separating the ferrous and non-ferrous metals like your regular steel and your copper pipe or wire. Try to sort the load in a way that the largest product comes off 1st.

Does a scrap yard have equipment to unload large chunks of steel?

Yes! SCS Metals Limited has the equipment and the experience to unload even the most awkward loads.

Will SCS Metals Limited help me unload my scrap?

Yes! We have trained staffs that are more than willing to give you a hand with the awkward and heavy scrap that you bring in!

Can I bring in garbage in my scrap?

No, not yet at least. We only pay for steel!

How much does steel cost to get rid of?

Nothing!! SCS Metals Limited will pay you for your steel or, if less than 200lbs, will take it for free.

How will I get paid for my scrap?

You get paid for scrap by the pound. The price varies on each type of steel. You also get paid cash!

Can I donate my scrap proceeds?

Of course! A great way to raise funds for charities is to collect scrap and have a scrap yard donate the money to a local charity or request that SCS Metals Limited sends your funds directly to your favourite charity.

What do I do with the steel I have from cleaning out the garage?

Bring it to the scrap yard! Get paid for the steel and have it recycled. Not only is it great to get cash for your junk odds and ends, but it’s actually good for the environment to have the metals recycled at a scrap facility, rather than having it thrown into a landfill.

Does SCS Metals Limited sell car parts off of scrap cars?

Yes, we have started selling automotive parts again. So, if you are looking for used tires, rims, body parts – call us to see what we have in stock.

What happens to my car when I bring it to SCS Metals Limited?

When you bring your car to SCS Metals Limited we take it through a decommissioning process, which includes removing oils, fuel, tires, and lead parts. Then the vehicle is crushed for easy shipment and sent to a shredder. The shredder then sorts out the different types of metals and plastics, to be sent to mills and plastic recyclers. The metal and plastics are then turned into reusable products that can be used to build new products!

Does SCS Metals Limited buy wire?

Yes! SCS Metals Limited purchases all types of wire including household wire cut offs and old extension cords.

How long will I be at SCS Metals Limited with a scrap load?

Most of our customers are only here for about 15 minutes, with an average steel load.

Will I get paid if I only have a small bucket of bolts and nuts?

Yes! You won’t get rich, but it will be better than having to pay for it at the dump.

How is scrap metal a recyclable?

When you bring your scrap steel to a metal recycler, the steel is sorted into different types. The different types of steel are sent to mills that turn the old steel into new steel which can be reused in the manufacturing of new products.

Can I throw BBQ tanks and Aerosol cans in the scrap?

No! For the safety of our staff and everyone else, we do not accept propane tanks or aerosol cans. Please do not mix them in your load of scrap steel as they could explode during the process of sorting. Thank you in advance!

What if I can’t make it to SCS Metals Limited before it closes?

SCS Metals Limited has a bin outside its gates for 24hr metal drop offs. Please feel free to dump your metal into the bin any time!

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